Enterprise Gen AI Data Security

Make Your Enterprise Data Secure, Safe and AI-ready

Protecto identifies and masks sensitive data while maintaining context and semantic meaning, ensuring accuracy in your LLMs/Gen AI apps.

Secure RAG(SecRAG)
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Mask Data
Find and replace sensitive information (PII, PHI, Confidential) with non-sensitive tokens using a simple API call, ensuring data security and privacy.

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Retain Context
Our special masking technology retains data context and semantic meaning, enabling accurate results from LLM and Gen AI applications without exposing sensitive data.


Ensure Compliance
Stay secure and compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI regulations, while allowing customers to unmask data when necessary, making data security for AI reliable.

What makes our masking unique?

Custom Scans and Unmasking Controls

Enhance data protection with custom scans and robust unmasking controls for your sensitive data.
Secure Sensitive Data in Gen AI

Semantic Retention and Format Preservation

Keep the meaning of data intact after masking and maintain the original text's type, format, and length.
Enable Role Based Access in RAG

Versatile Data Protection

Identify and mask sensitive data across structured, semi-structured, and unstructured text effortlessly.
Meet Privacy and Residency Compliance

Build vs. Buy
DIY Costs 10X More Time and Money

Learn why leading Gen AI companies choose Protecto over open-source or DIY solutions for robust and cost-effective AI data security

Popular Use Cases

Compliant Chatbot for Regulated Industries – E.g., A HIPAA-Compliant Benefits Assistant
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Secure AI Assistant Safeguards Against Sensitive Data Leaks – E.g., A Secure Contract Assistant
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Safe Gen AI Apps with Protecto Data Protection for Global Data Residency Compliance
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Built for Enterprise. Optimized for Scale.

On-Premises or SaaS

Deploy Protecto on your servers or consume it as SaaS. Either way, get the full benefits including multitenancy.

Simple APIs

Use sync and async APIs to integrate with any part: preprocessing, context data, prompt, or response.


Protecto's architecture scales to process billions of rows or runs lightweight on-edge devices, offering versatility and efficiency.

Unlock the Blueprint to Superior Data Protection

Explore our AI data security vault tailored for your enterprise needs.

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Introducing SecRAG

Enable Role-Based Access for RAG / Gen AI

Implement role-based access controls to enhance data security in AI applications, ensuring only authorized users can access sensitive information.