ABC's of Privacy This Week- Feb 19, 2020

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Washington Privacy Bill Clears State Senate

The Washington State Senate has passed a privacy bill that would give state residents new rights over data collection and use, including the right to opt-out of targeted advertising. If enacted, the bill's restrictions would generally apply to companies that conduct business in Washington and handle data of at least one million consumers a year. After clearing the Senate, now it moves to the House where its future is uncertain.

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Personal Data of 144K Canadians Breached

Canada's House of Commons had revealed that at least 144,000 Canadians had their personal information mishandled by federal departments and agencies over the past two years. The errors range in severity from minor infractions to serious data breaches that resulted in the exposure of sensitive personal information.

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Nedbank Breach Affects 1.7M Customers

Nedbank, one of the biggest banks in the South Africa region, has disclosed a security incident that had impacted the personal details of 1.7 million users. Vulnerable information stored on the contractor's systems included things like names, ID numbers, home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Bank officials apologized for the breach and said they are working with law enforcement authorities to assist with catching the attackers.

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Puerto Rico Government Loses $2.6m in Phishing Scam

A Puerto Rican government agency unintentionally gave cyber-criminals $2.6m after being taken in by an email phishing scam. The money was transferred by an unsuspecting employee of Puerto Rico's Industrial Development Company, a government-owned corporation whose mission is to work with local and foreign investors to drive economic development. A money transfer was done to a new account that turned out to be fraudulent and in the control of cyber-criminals.

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Current News

Colombian Government Orders Facebook to Improve Personal Data Protection

Colombia's data protection authority has ordered Facebook to strengthen the protection of its 31 million Colombian users' data by June. It has also ordered Facebook to implement useful and effective security measures that avoid unauthorized access. Meanwhile, Facebook is thinking about plans to extend end-to-end encryption to the chat tool.

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London Police Stir Privacy Fear

London police started using facial recognition cameras to scan for wanted people automatically, but this has raised concerns about increased surveillance and erosion of privacy. They have started using the technology despite warnings from rights groups, lawmakers, and independent experts about a lack of accuracy and bias in the system.

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Credit Card Companies Sue Wawa Over Data Breach

As customers continue to file lawsuits against the convenience store chain Wawa over a data breach it experienced last year, credit card companies have begun filing class-action lawsuits of their own. The data breach exposed payment card information of the users at potentially all of the company's locations.

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