ABC's of Privacy This Week - Feb 27, 2020

ABC's of Privacy This Week - Feb 27, 2020

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Egypt Passes Personal Data Protection Law

Egyptian Parliament approved the long-awaited Personal Data Protection Law. The law aims to protect personal data on online markets, control e-shopping, and prevent data misuse on Facebook. The bill follows international standards in terms of the protection of personal data and ensures the safety of national investments.

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144K Slickwraps Customer Data Breached

Slickwraps, an online store that offers skins for a variety of smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, has revealed a data breach impacting over 850,000 user accounts, admitting its mistake in permitting customer records to become public. Slickwraps discovered that customer records, such as names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and purchase histories, were available online. Slickwraps assured to enhance their security processes in the coming months.

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41 Million Patient Records Were Breached in 2019

Protenus, a healthcare compliance analytics firm, has reported that healthcare data breaches in 2019 almost tripled. There also has been an alarming increase in the number of breaches of patient privacy since 2016. A single hacking incident at American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) affected close to 21 million records.

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Over 120 Million US Consumers Exposed in Privacy Snafu  

Security researchers have discovered a publicly exposed cloud database containing personal data and behavioral profiles of 120 million Americans. UpGuard, a security company, found millions of rows of sensitive loyalty card account information exposed online, including the address of each household and the names of the heads of the family, plus their gender and other details.

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Current News

New Bill Aims to Protect Children Privacy

California plans to strengthen cybersecurity protocols at local schools by increasing coordination between the state and school districts while establishing best practices to respond to incidents in the future. It plans to bring stakeholders together to ensure that schools are not spending taxpayer dollars on ransoms, and children's private information is protected.

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Moscow Deploys Facial Recognition Technology for Coronavirus Quarantine

Moscow is using facial recognition technology for coronavirus quarantine. The government plans to prevent people affected by corona from leaving their apartments by using facial recognition technology. The measures to implement the technology was done after a woman in St. Petersburg staged an elaborate escape from a hospital.

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