ABC's of Privacy This Week- March 4, 2020


'    UK explains the approach to data adequacy in post-Brexitnegotiations

TheUK government published its official position on several post-Brexitnegotiations with the EU, including its approach to data adequacy. Thegovernment ingeminated its intention to have an independent data protectionpolicy after the one-year transition period. In the transition period, therewill be free-flowing data between the UK and the EU; UK will ensure that atransparent infrastructure is in place for a smooth collaboration with EU dataprotection authorities. 

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'    OAIC releases Consumer Data Right guidelines

Toprotect data privacy under the Consumer Data Right System, the Office of theAustralian Information Commissioner recently published guidelines. In July, thefirst implementation of the guideline will take place in the banking sector.The guidelines are meant to educate the participating organizations of theirprivacy obligations.

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'    CEO: Microsoft will comply with data privacy laws

CEOof Microsoft, Satya Nadella, speaking at the Future Decoded Tech Summit inBangalore, India, told entrepreneurs and developers that Microsoft is keen oncomplying with the data residency laws and regulations of different countries.

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'    Sporting goods retailer leaks 123 Million records

Accordingto Infosecurity Magazine, an unsecured database exposed more than 123 milliondata records of Decathlon, a French sporting goods retailer. The breacheddatabase potentially had information on its Spanish and UK businesses,including employee social security numbers, addresses, and birthdates.VpnMentor discovered the data breach on 12th February, and Decathlon closed thedatabase of the public on 17th February. 

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'    Coronavirus ramps up Chinese data collection

Accordingto the South China Morning Post, China has intensified personal data collectionendeavors to contain chances of further outbreaks. The data collected,including real-name registrations for medications as well as transportation,has helped identify disease-prone areas.  

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'    Prescription drug apps share personal information of millions

Healthcare app GoodRx shares personal information of its more than 10 million userswith third-party websites, according to Gizmodo. However, since the company'swork and data practices are not covered under the Health Insurance Portabilityand Accountability Act, they cannot be held accountable for data breach ortheft. 

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