The Complete Guide to AI Data Protection

The Complete Guide to AI Data Protection

In this day and age, data runs the world and the livelihood of many companies. Data has become so integral that there are many people who pay top dollar to read this data and make insights which will increase their profits by a huge amount. There are courses provided to study and understand the behemoth that is data. While it is lucrative, its sensitive content is also subject to misuse in the wrong hands. With the growing increase in data science and analytics swaying company decisions, it has become even more vulnerable to increasingly complex attacks causing data leaks.

This calls for a radical, fast-paced solution to cement data security with business companies. One such solution is to use the machinations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the purpose of Data Protection and privacy. Protecto provides Enterprise data protection for you to try to protect your sensitive data.

Key Takeaways

  • How is AI in data protection used to automate the process of securing data and ensuring its security?
  • How can businesses safeguard their data better with AI Data Protection techniques from malicious users?
  • What are the different places AI and data protection are used?
  • Why does data need to comply with GDPR?
  • What are the best Data Protection services?

What is AI Data Protection?

Using the vast computing power of AI and LLMs (Large Language Models) you can protect sensitive information related to your data that might compromise the user’s safety and privacy online. By automating data protection with AI models and algorithms is what is AI Data Protection.

There are many ways used by different organizations to ensure data security. Some of them may include Data Tokenization, Encryption and Data Masking. One of the most well-known ways currently subject to research is protecting Enterprise data with AI.

Many businesses store their customer’s data. Most of the Enterprise data that you can view online or pseudonymized. Enterprise data plays a big role in business decisions and as a result, many of them are very particular about protecting them.

Protecto provides the best type of Data Security by using Generative AI to mask your data and remove all sensitive information from your dataset.

Protecto identifies sensitive information from the data above and secures it.

Role of AI in Data Protection

With AI and Data Protection being the current buzzword, many have tried to incorporate the vast computing power of AI models for cybersecurity purposes, especially in the field of Data Protection. Data Protection and AI go hand in hand with a few concepts utilized for Data Protection. Let us see some major roles of AI in Data Protection.

1.Threat Detection and Prevention

With the power of high-level Neural Networks and AI models, a large amount of data can be analysed in a very short amount of time. With this analysis, patterns can be detected and with that, threats can be detected. With the threats detected and analysed, algorithms can be developed to circumvent such threats which may potentially cause data leaks.

With detecting patterns, AI Models can also detect any anomalies in the pattern to perform threat assessment and take care of it.

2.Automated Incident Response

In case there are any threats with which the AI has been trained, the responses can be automated instead of using manpower to deal with any security breaches. AI models can be trained with scenarios where data leaks may happen and can be trained to resolve them without any need for human intervention.

Protecto provides Data Protection and AI in the cloud with its agentless modules which makes it easy to integrate into any cloud platform, be it AWS, Azure or GCP.

3.Natural Language Processing in AI and Data Protection

With the power of AI and LLMs, you can protect your enterprise data, or textual data that is sensitive by using the concept of NLP to parse through the data, identify sensitive data through semantic context understanding and alert the model performing the data pseudonymization to censor the sensitive data in question.

Protecto uses Intelligent tokenization, where data is mapped into tokens and the original data is stored in a secure token vault. These tokens cannot be changed back to the original data, making them useless even if malicious users manage to gain the information.

But, why do businesses need to use AI for data protection when there are many well-established techniques to ensure data privacy?

Unleash AI's Potential. Start Your Data Protection Journey Now!

Benefits of AI Data Protection for Businesses

When it comes to businesses, especially startups, data is the lifeline for them. They can target the right audience with data trends and insights from data analysis. Hence, protecting such data is of utmost importance to them. Hence, many of them turn to AI to protect their sensitive data from malicious users.

1.Mitigating Risks

Mitigating any possible risks will become extremely fast with the use of Generative AI Data protection methods. With AI models capable of being run 24/7, there is no downtime when malicious users can take advantage of any shifts or worker changes. Also, if there are any data leaks, a well-trained AI model can deal with them almost instantaneously.

Protecto provides the best data protection services by using a privacy-first approach where they eliminate the possibilities of data risk by replacing data identifying people with non-identifiable tokens which will ensure the highest form of data privacy.

2.Boosting Operational Efficiency and Compliance

As mentioned earlier, due to AI models being run 24/7 unlike human workers, who need rest, AI can perform at its highest capacity at all times. It also is efficient in that it costs fewer resources to have an AI Model up and running. AI models are extremely compliant and can scale workloads with comparatively fewer resources than scaling the same data protection services with humans.

Protecto provides data protection services with their agentless system and their self-hosted server for storing data which is highly secure.

Data Protection and AI have various use cases in many industries, especially high-profile jobs.

Top Industry Use Cases for AI and Data Protection

Data is needed by every industry in the world to function properly. Many industries need data protection to protect their data. Some of the industries using AI and Data Protection services are listed in detail.

1.Data Protection in Cloud Computing

With large amounts of data generated, it is next to impossible to compute and store so much data locally. Hence, cloud services exist to store large amounts of data and provide resources to perform data analysis in the cloud. With the knowledge of the existence of sensitive data, cloud storage may be subject to cyberattacks. In such a scenario, to ensure data protection, AI models can be implemented to tokenize data as they are added and also change the tokenizing algorithm based on the changes in data viewed.

Protecto provides data security and protection in the cloud by providing granular access to your sensitive data. That is, only the personnel authorised to go through your data can go through it.

2.Data Protection in Healthcare

Data in healthcare contains many avenues for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to exist. As a result, there are stringent regulations to ensure the highest level of Data Protection and privacy in healthcare data. The data stored in EHRs (Electronic Health Records) are strictly regulated and any information leading back to the patient is removed by pseudonymization.

Protecto provides data protection services that are compliant with HIPAA. And pseudonymize data to the highest degree.

3.Financial Data Protection

Personally identifiable Information (PII) such as credit score, annual income and so on need to be protected at all costs. If they are leaked, the users may be subject to financial scams such as Phishing Emails, links and so on. With Machine Learning algorithms specifically trained in financial data, such PII can be detected as they enter the database and promptly pseudonymized.

With Protecto’s high degree of data security and compliance with GDPR and AI regulations, you can protect your financial data to the highest standards.

  4.Data Protection in IT

Many E-commerce sites provide all of their services online. Such sites collect and store their data online. Protecting data in cyberspace such as IP Addresses and so on is a challenge in itself. There needs to be stringent regulation of data and a high degree of security needed to protect data in IT. Companies collect user data for predicting trends and personalizing customer needs using AI. This also means there’s a greater need to protect data in the IT industry.

Protecto uses advanced masking algorithms to ensure the reengineering the original data from the tokenized data which is next to impossible. You, the business owner get to decide who can and cannot access the data.

Unleash AI's Potential. Start Your Data Protection Journey Now!

Guidance on AI and Data Protection

With it being a new field, not much is known about how to protect data in such a way that it follows different data protection regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR. A careful study of the fine print of HIPAA and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union) is needed to create AI models that adhere to such data protection laws in both America and Europe. There comes the question of how much the Data Privacy laws are followed AI and GDPR necessities.

1.Regulating GDPR and AI

One of the main reasons for GDPR is to respect user privacy preferences. If they want their data to be deleted, the companies are obliged to delete their data under the GDPA guidelines. There are many restrictions to handling and collecting data when it comes to using AI Algorithms under GDPR.

2.Personal Data

It is not recommended to use AI algorithms to process data. Instead, before processing the data, all Personal Identifying Information (PII) can be removed by tokenization or other forms of algorithms, which can be automated using AI. Then, the altered data can be used for further processing.

3.Vetting Process

Anonymize and process your data with trusted vendors. Avoid scam organizations who will steal data from you. Go through client testimonials, and their portfolio to see whether their methods comply with the GDPR requirements.

Protecto assures AI and data protection services that comply with HIPAA and GDPR.


In the sector of data protection, it is an important factor to check whether your data managing vendor is transparent about their process on AI Data Protection. If they are transparent, they will mention their data protection services in detail and also have an assurance of following the rules of GDPR.

Protecto uses Intelligent tokenization to tokenize personal data which is then stored in a token vault. These tokens are mapped to the sensitive data so using advanced algorithms, makes it impossible to reverse engineer the data from the tokens.

Best AI Data Protection Services

Protecting data from malicious users or being exploited is one of the most important tasks that businesses have. Protecto understands the importance of protecting your data. We ensure 100% compliance with GDPR and also use SaaS-based hosting to host their private servers where your data will be secure. We use intelligent tokenization to find and mask sensitive data in storage. With Protecto’s deployment of high-level and complex algorithms for tokenizing data for Data Protection, it makes it next to impossible to reconstruct the original data before tokenization. To see their services for yourself, you can get a free demo to take a peek into their data protection services and decide for yourself.


With the increase in complex types of data and data mining, safeguarding the data from being misused has become even more of a top priority. With the technology boom in the last decade, there comes a demand for better, faster ways to protect and secure data. Protecto’s data protection services include state-of-the-art data tokenization techniques, agentless AI algorithms and easy API integration into their services.

You can schedule a free demo to utilize their services to your benefit. Simply enter your business mail. It costs you nothing and you can cancel your demo anytime.

Unleash AI's Potential. Start Your Data Protection Journey Now!

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