What is Compliance Automation

What is Compliance Automation

In recent years almost every company has been utilizing technological solutions like artificial intelligence which has given rise to the importance of Compliance automation. It is a practice to protect the sensitive information of the companies. Hence, Compliance automation software keeps track of the company’s internal systems. Businesses process automation to achieve the main goals of the organizations effectively with the least amount of monitoring. Therefore, Compliance automation revolutionizes how companies fulfil their regulatory needs by leveraging technologies (such as artificial intelligence).

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Key Takeaways

  • What is Compliance Automation and how does it help organizations?
  • How to choose the right Compliance Automation solution?
  • Benefits of Compliance Automation
  • Scope of Compliance Automation in companies
  • How to Use Compliance Automation Tools with Protecto?

What is Compliance Automation?

Compliance Automation is the practice of using in-demand technologies such as applications with the features of artificial intelligence to simplify the process of compliance checks through automation. Compliance automation has also been referred to as Automated Compliance. 

Multiple compliance management software solutions focus on simplifying evidence monitoring and continuous monitoring, providing user-friendly integration with various other tools, and tracking compliance training. There are several important features which are there in the best compliance software:

  1. The best compliance software offers built-in content for common regulatory standards such as the European Union’s GDPR, NIST and PCI DSS, and HIPAA
  2. These software tools particularly drive notifications to compliance the personnel when compliance gaps occur.

How does Automated Compliance work?

The Automated Compliance software works to provide organizations with Compliance workflow capabilities such as corrective action planning, testing, self-assessment and controls analysis and also helps in automating the processes that can replace manual spot checks. Therefore automated compliance tools work to ensure protection of the particular kinds of data and systems. This categorization is looked up according to the applicable regulation. For example- According to HIPAA regulations particular kind of patient's sensitive data need to protected. The basic inputs from the users provide the tool with all the necessary information it required to successfully monitor and drive compliance.

One of the most easiest and efficient ways to automate the compliance process is using the Protecto platform which helps organizations to meet the demand of compliance. It consists of a wide range of feature sets to provide the important functionality to interact with the AI systems without revealing personal data.

Ensure data privacy, and build trust and loyalty! Stay compliant and secure with our advanced data protection solutions.

Benefits of Compliance Automation

There are several benefits of Compliance Automation such as it provides better productivity, reduces the cost of an organization, and provides better security. Some of the major benefits of Compliance Automation are mentioned below:

1.Real-time data Tracking

The Compliance Automation software consists of all compliance information in a single dashboard rather than tracking in multiple applications. As the data is presented in real-time you can get a snapshot of how the company is doing across the board which further benefits the organization for stronger risk management. Therefore Compliance automation helps in real-time data tracking and making the work more productive.

2.Reduces the risk

Compliance Automation also plays a major role when it comes to reducing the chance of compliance risks. It reduces the chance of the organization getting stuck with fines for slipping out of compliance. Therefore automating compliance mainly helps the individuals to continually monitor the systems for vulnerabilities by helping them to catch or identify the issues. 

3.Better than manual processes

Manual processes consist of several disadvantages such as delaying the work process that causes a waste of time. Even experienced employees can miss a line of code or an item in a spreadsheet. Therefore when compliance processes are automated, the individuals just need to focus on the accurate alerts and update the system whenever the regulations are adjusted.


Compliance Automation helps organizations save money by streamlining compliance-related tasks. Running an automated program is less expensive than paying various employees to oversee processes manually. Therefore, compliance automation is more cost-effective than manual processes.

Automated Regulatory Compliance Framework

With the help of automation, the implementation of Compliance frameworks and implementing their guidelines becomes way easier. Some of the most popular compliance frameworks are mentioned below:

1.HIPAA Compliance Automation

HIPAA abbreviated as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act used to protect sensitive information about patient’s health. Therefore, automating your HIPAA compliance procedure ensures the recording and close monitoring of each step. This process also ensures the integrity of your physical, data protection, workflows, documents, and administrative strategies.

Protecto focuses on providing services related to security complying with HIPAA and GDPR policies to tokenize data.


National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) is a set of best practices used to help organizations develop and improve their cybersecurity posture. It provides the business with an outline of best practices to help you decide particularly where you need to focus your money and time for cybersecurity protection.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the legal framework that mainly establishes the guidelines for the processing and gathering of personal data from EU citizens. In this, the regulation applies regardless of where the company is situated as long as it markets its goods and services to the customers of the EU.

With the help of Protecto, you can achieve a full-featured data privacy and security framework that provides end-to-end help from the GDPR compliance standpoint.

Get ahead of regulations, and stay proactive! Our tools help you proactively manage compliance changes.

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