Unlock Seamless Support with HIPAA-Compliant AI Assistant

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Unlock Seamless Support with HIPAA-Compliant AI Assistant

Struggling to integrate AI without compromising patient privacy? Discover how Protecto SecRAG empowers secure innovation in healthcare insurance

Customer Case Study


US-based healthcare insurance company


Healthcare insurance companies are constantly seeking ways to improve customer experience and operational efficiency through AI-powered solutions, like chatbots answering policy questions.


However, these advancements raise critical concerns about complying with HIPAA regulations and safeguarding patient privacy. The customer’s data team used generic data masking tool to mask data and address HIPAA compliance concerns. The generic data masking tool removed the PII context and impacted LLM’s understanding, which led to highly inaccurate results that stalled the project


Protecto’s SecRAG masks sensitive patient data while preserving its usability for the AI system. This ensures HIPAA compliance while still enabling AI to deliver personalized and efficient customer service.

  • Data Masking: Protecto implemented a sophisticated pseudonymization technique that identified sensitive identifiable PHI data and replaced it with artificial identifiers (tokens) or pseudonyms.
  • Maintaining Data Integrity: Most masking tools and techniques can't maintain data integrity leading to loss of data utility and accuracy. Protecto ensured that the data remained useful and accurate for the AI system without compromising individual privacy.
  • Role-based Access: Offered detailed control, letting administrators control who sees what, safeguarding sensitive information with precision.


  • Improved User Experience: Streamlined interaction with virtual assistants for faster answers and reduced wait times.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Chatbots handle routine inquiries, freeing up human agents for complex cases.
  • Guaranteed HIPAA Compliance: Protecto protects sensitive data, mitigating privacy risks

Launch HIPAA Compliant AI Assistants

  • Leverage AI for personalized support and other patient interactions.
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance in your AI initiatives.
  • Navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

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