Data Privacy Solutions

Data Privacy Solutions Enable Organizations to Automate Privacy Operations

The passage and implementation of GDPR has driven the rise of vendors offering data privacy solutions. Many of these tools and solutions were available prior to GDPR, but GDPR provided a prescriptive framework and requirements that laid the foundation for the capabilities of these tools.

Data privacy solutions help organizations conduct data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), create a record of processing activities, understand their data privacy risk and remediation needs, manage subject rights and consents, and track and report on compliance readiness. Data privacy tools are more focused and provide specific functions for subject rights, data protection, or other privacy needs.

What Functions do Data Privacy Solutions Provide?

While not exhaustive, the following capabilities are typically found in data privacy solutions or offered as a tool for specific functionality:

  1. Management of data privacy policies and notices.
  2. Dashboards, reports, and visualizations of privacy readiness, actions, and alerts.
  3. Discovery, classification, and risk analysis of personal and sensitive data.
  4. Catalog of processing activities.
  5. Subject rights request management.
  6. Consent management.
  7. Vendor risk management.

The management, monitoring, and execution of privacy compliance readiness requires a range of functionality. Typically, products excel at either front office or back-office functionality. Front office solutions focus on user tasks with capabilities for policy support, DSAR workflows, and consent administration. Back Office vendors focus on technical capabilities such as data inventory, risk analysis, and remediation.

As with cybersecurity, organizations should look at the tools reviewed by peers, analysts, and privacy organizations and choose best of breed tools. Many of these tools have pre-built integrations and/or APIs to support heterogeneous privacy tool environments.

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