Data Steward

A Data Steward Helps Ensure Data Quality and Good Data Governance

A data steward ensures the quality, definition, and appropriate use of data. The data steward typically works for and under the direction of the data owner. Data stewards may focus on specific data types, such as business, process, or system data. They are the internal experts about the companies’ data and responsible for documenting the data and monitoring data quality, protection, and compliance.

What are the key responsibilities of Data Stewards?

  1. Ensure data is defined for its purpose, systems, processes, and lineage.
  2. Monitor adherence to data governance.
  3. Work with security and privacy to ensure data protection and usage meets compliance requirements.
  4. Provides guidance to data projects such as master data management, integration, and archiving.

What background is required to perform the tasks of a data steward?

Here is a sample of data steward job requirements that appear in job listings:

  1. Proven experience in implementing data governance and data management principles in an organization
  2. Proven experience in creating data standards, requirements, rules, diagrams, and data dictionaries
  3. Ability to work with a wide range of stakeholders including business teams, analysts and technical teams
  4. Strong organizational and communication skills, in particular, experience communicating with all levels of management
  5. Sound problem-solving and decision-making ability, including the ability to prioritize

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