Pseudonymize PII. Secure it in a vault.

Give developers turnkey APIs to collect, tokenize, and re-identify PII on-demand.​
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Protect privacy with cutting-edge pseudonymization​

Protecto Vault replaces sensitive personal data with tokens, which keeps the data functional but renders it non-identifiable to anyone accessing the data. ​

End Personal Data Sprawl

Lock PII in a secure vault. Clamp down on the sprawl of your personal data.​

Maintain Data Residency​

Isolate and retain your stakeholder’s personal data safely within your region and meet data residency requirements. ​

Ensure Strong Security​

Encrypt and tokenize all PII data to safeguard from breaches. ​

Simplify Compliance
& DSARs​

Maintain audit trail to track compliance. Simple to meet delete requests and DSARs.  ​

Enable Cross-border Collaboration​

Meet GDPR requirements while collaborating across borders​.

Limit Breach
Impact ​

Prevent access to personal data in the event of a breach. Preempt paying hefty fines and impacting your brand.​

Key features

Simple APIs​

Our turnkey APIs enable you to go live in days​


Stores your PII data on a zero-trust data privacy vault ​

Data Residency​

Offers multiple region options to keep your privacy vault​

Superior Performance​

Our scalable privacy APIs grow along with your changing need ​

Redundancy & Availability ​

Ensures 99.9% availability and robust redundancy  ​

Prevent millions of $ of privacy risks. Learn how.

We take privacy seriously.  While we promise not to sell your personal data, we may send product and company updates periodically. You can opt-out or make changes to our communication updates at any time.