Protecto SecRAGUnlock Your Enterprise Data with RAG-as-a-Service

Building an AI chatbot takes time, resources, and expertise. But what if you could tap into the power of your data instantly?

Introducing Protecto SecRag, the revolutionary platform that empowers you to unlock the hidden value within your data, without the complexities of AI development.


Launch AI assistants and chatbots on top of your unstructured data, such as support tickets, files, and contracts in minutes

Conversational UI

Ask questions in plain English. Receive answers and insights from your data


Security and privacy features are pre-built to protect your data against data leaks and privacy breaches

Transform your organization with SecRAG

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Platform with Powerful Features

Intuitive Conversation UI

Interact with your data naturally, just like you'd talk to a colleague

Easy Data Integration

Connect to your data sources easily through admin UI or APIs

Advanced AI

SecRAG uses industry-leading Retrieval and Generation  techniques to find answers

Speak with our experts to learn how SecRag can be customized to meet your needs.

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Built for Enterprise. Optimized for Scale.

No Code Setup

Deploy secure, privacy-conscious AI assistants in a flash with our pre-built Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Extend/Customize with APIs

Just plug and play our APIs to enable security and customize to your needs

On-premises or SaaS

Run our APIs or Secure AI assistants on your own infrastructure or consume as a SaaS

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“With Protecto, we’ve enabled innovative Gen AI features while having stronger data security and privacy. Products like Protecto give us granular control over data protection across our data.“    

Venkat Gopalan

Chief Data Officer of Belcorp