Scan for PII, audit user permissions, and meet compliance

Uncover problems that can lead to security and data privacy violations

Check compliance and breach risks in minutes

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Easy to setup

Securely connects to your data in Snowflake

Automatically catalogs and maps sensitive data

Finds personal data, stale data, excessive access, and breach risks

Audit your Snowflake instance and meet compliance in minutes

Discover personal data

Find personal data, PII, and other sensitive data

Audit who has access to what tables

Audit user permissions and activities. Find over exposed data and other privacy risks

Demonstrate compliance

Prove compliance to security and compliance teams.

Easy to Deploy

Read-only access to data. No agents, appliances, or changes to user habits

Cost Savings

Reduce stale data. Save on storage, compute, and compliance costs.

No Busywork

Make data protection easy for data teams. Eliminate days of manual analysis.