Announcing Protecto

We are on an incredible journey with a vision to enable a privacy-first world. I’m proud of the team and amazed at how far we have come. Thanks to the customers, partners, advisors, and investors. As we embark on the next phase of our journey, we are renaming from Protecto to Protecto. Keep innovating, stay…
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ABC’s of Privacy This Week – March 4, 2020

Applause ·     UK explains the approach to data adequacy in post-Brexit negotiations The UK government published its official position on several post-Brexit negotiations with the EU, including its approach to data adequacy. The government ingeminated its intention to have an independent data protection policy after the one-year transition period. In the transition period, there…
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Privacy Enigineering

Privacy Engineering: What is Privacy Engineering? Why is it important?

Table of Contents Introduction Importance of Privacy Engineering Degree in Privacy Engineering Privacy Engineering – Top Jobs Privacy Engineering Framework The host of the morning show Good Day Philadelphia, Karen Hepp, is suing Facebook, Reddit, and several other websites for salacious content after her image, taken by a surveillance camera at a convenience store in…
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