Secure RAGRole-based access and data protection built-in into RAG

By integrating role-based access control (RBAC) mechanisms directly into the retrieval process, our Secure RAG (SecRAG) ensures that every piece of information pulled for response generation is meticulously checked for user authorization.

Dynamic Contextual Awareness

Smartly adjusts data access with user roles and permissions, ensuring every response is tailored and authorized

Granular Access Control

Offers detailed control, letting administrators finely control who sees what, safeguarding sensitive information with precision.

Sensitive Data Protection

Actively identifies sensitive data, securing it in a vault and masking it during interactions without impacting context or model accuracy

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Seamless API

Just plug and play our APIs for robust security without the development burden

Pre-built RAG

Deploy secure, privacy-conscious AI assistants in a flash with our pre-built Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

On-premises or SaaS

Run our APIs or Secure AI assistants on your own infrastructure or consume as a SaaS

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Protecto empowers us to protect data, bolster customer confidence, and make significant strides towards achieving full compliance across AI and non-AI applications

Jagannath Gorti

Nokia's Head of IT Commercial Engineering