Protecto Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Protecto Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Protecto is proud to announce that we are SOC 2 Type II compliant. This is the latest achievement in our ongoing commitment to industry-leading security for our users and customers. This is a major milestone for us, as it demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. For our customers and users, Protecto receiving a compliant SOC 2 report implies that we are securely managing 3rd party data to protect information and ensure privacy for our customers.

What is SOC 2 certification, and why is it important?

System and Organization Controls (SOC 2) is a certification that verifies a company's adherence to strict security and data protection standards. These standards are established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and they ensure that companies handling sensitive information, such as financial data or personal information, have robust and reliable systems in place to protect that data. Achieving SOC 2 certification involves a rigorous review of a company's policies, procedures, and technical controls by a third-party auditor. This includes a detailed evaluation of the company's security measures, disaster recovery plans, and data access controls.

What does SOC 2 certification mean?

SOC 2 is a set of industry-recognized standards that provide guidance on how to securely operate a cloud-based service. The SOC 2 framework is designed to help organizations like Protecto ensure that they have the necessary controls in place to protect customer data. In addition to validating strong processes to protect against data breaches and security incidents, SOC 2 is required by many enterprises to evaluate vendors like Protecto.

Our road to SOC 2 certification

To achieve SOC 2 certification, Protecto had to undergo a thorough audit of its systems and processes by an independent, third-party auditor. This included reviewing policies and procedures and testing the effectiveness of the controls in place. The audit also looked at how Protecto handles customer data and ensures that it is protected from unauthorized access, misuse, and disclosure.

So why is SOC 2 certification important?  

In today's digital age, data security and privacy are top of mind for many individuals and businesses. By achieving SOC 2 certification, Protecto has taken a major step in demonstrating its commitment to protecting its customers' data and upholding the highest standards of security and privacy. So, Protecto's customers can have confidence that their data is in good hands. SOC 2 certification provides assurance to Protecto’s customers that their data is being handled securely and responsibly. It also demonstrates that Protecto is committed to maintaining high levels of security and privacy, which can help build trust and confidence in the company's services. The certification also helps to ensure that Protecto is meeting the regulatory requirements of the industries in which it operates.


In short, Protecto's SOC 2 Type II certification is a testament to the company's dedication to maintaining the highest levels of security and data protection for its customers. Our customers can rest assured that we have completed a critical step in establishing and ensuring safety controls.

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