Audit your data lakes for data security and privacy vulnerabilities in minutes

Protecto automates complex data security and privacy tasks

Enterprise data environments are so messy that businesses don’t have visibility into where their problems are. Protecto can parse the complexity and locate the top 1% of the data and activities that could cause severe data privacy and security problems.

Reduce weeks to hours - 100x

Our product automatically runs following steps to identify data security and privacy risks.

Without Protecto Using Protecto
  • Data mapping, scanning – Data inventory, scan for PI/PII
~2 weeks 2-3 hrs
  • Audit user access privileges
 ~1 week <1 hr
  • Analyze activities on the data
  • Audit activity logs to find inactive users
3-4 weeks 1-2 hrs
  • Find stale/unused data
2-3 weeks <1 hr
  • Sort through the data assets to find overexposed data
  • Prioritize the riskiest users and activities
 3-4 weeks <1 hr
10-12 Weeks 5-6 Hours

Above is the estimated time to analyze 1 TB of data with 250 tables for data breach risks, audit user access, analyze activities for privacy risks, and opportunities to reduce the risks.

Map data, risks and compliance gaps

Get complete visibility into your data across the cloud and on-premises.


Reduce data security and privacy risks on the cloud, especially during cloud migration

Monitor data breach and privacy risks.


Identify data security risks on cloud data lakes

Monitor data breach and privacy risks on the cloud.


Meet compliance while reducing costs 


 Our product brings AI + Privacy Engineering

Protecto vs. Other Tools

Data scanning tools just look at data - WHAT is in the data. Instead, Protecto gives a 360 view - WHAT is in the data, WHO has access to it, and HOW they're using it.

Easy to deploy


Read-only access to data. No agents, appliances, or changes to user habits

Flexible deployment

Run on the cloud or on-premises

Quick to value

Turn-key. Minutes to deploy

Get single-pane visibility

Get complete visibility into your data across cloud and on-premises

  • Identify and classify personal/sensitive data
  • Effortlessly maintain data inventory
  • Monitor how data is actually used 

Drive impact – reduce risks, costs

Drive actions to reduce breach risks and privacy issues. Demonstrate the impact of your actions 

  • Minimize stale data, reduce costs
  • Remove inactive users, excessive access 
  • Automatic risk scorecards to track progress 

Recognized by Industry Leaders and Professional Certifications

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