Enable Secure, Compliant and Privacy-Preserving RAG

Embrace Gen AI Without Compromising Privacy, Data Security, Compliance, or Safety

Secure RAG(SecRAG)
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Launch AI assistants/chatbots in minutes with data security and privacy pre-built

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Enable RAG (retrieval augmented generation) with role-based access and responses


Mask sensitive data without compromising context or model accuracy

Secure the Data :

Enable Role-Based Access for RAG / Gen AI

Protect Your Sensitive Data Across the AI Lifecycle

Secure Sensitive Data in Gen AI

Unlike masking tools that distort meaning, Protecto preserves context, ensuring data security without compromising model accuracy
Secure Sensitive Data in Gen AI

Enable Role Based Access in RAG

Our pre-built Secure Retrieval Augmented Generation (SecRAG) smartly adjusts context data based on user roles and permissions
Enable Role Based Access in RAG

Meet Privacy and Residency Compliance

Helps you meet privacy compliance and data residency requirements in minutes, not days
Meet Privacy and Residency Compliance

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Popular Use Cases

Compliant Chatbot for Regulated Industries – E.g., A HIPAA-Compliant Benefits Assistant
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Secure AI Assistant Safeguards Against Sensitive Data Leaks – E.g., A Secure Contract Assistant
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Safe Gen AI Apps with Protecto Data Protection for Global Data Residency Compliance
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Built for Enterprise. Optimized for Scale.

Seamless API

Just plug and play our APIs for robust security without the development burden

Pre-built RAG

Deploy secure, privacy-conscious AI assistants in a flash with our pre-built Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

On-premises or SaaS

Run our APIs or Secure AI assistants on your own infrastructure or consume as a SaaS

Learn about Open Source end to end secure apps for privacy-preserving chat, contracts review bot, and file processing RAG.

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