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Enterprise data stores are bloated and complex. Protecto untangles your data stores to find hygiene problems and reduce data protection risks in hours. 

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Enterprise data is so bloated that 80% of data is never used and is so widely shared that 99% of users have excessive permissions. IT/Data teams must tackle the growing data risks to avoid privacy fines and data breaches. Unfortunately, your data systems are complex. Even if your data engineers spend months on the problem, they can’t differentiate between risky data vs. unused data or risky activities vs. compliant data use. 

Get tighter control over your enterprise data

Get visibility - Data, users, and activities

Get visibility into what sensitive data do you have? Who has access to it? How is it used?

Protect data better with less effort

Find the top 1% of issues that causes 90% of data protection problems. Simplify data protection and compliance (GDPR, CCPA) efforts from months to hours.

Reduce footprint and costs

Reduce data footprint, attack surface and costs by locating unused data and inactive users.

Intelligence to fix your data posture

Enterprise data is a big blind spot. With growing data privacy regulations and security threats, organizations can’t afford to have blind spots. Protecto’s core technology Data Posture Intelligence precisely locates problems in hours (vs. months of effort) and recommends ways to reduce them.

Reduce data protection and compliance work from months to hours

“I love privacy, compliance, and governance tasks,”

said no engineer ever!

Prebuilt connectors to popular data stores

Go from 0% to 100% visibility in minutes.

Easy to deploy. See results in minutes

SaaS or Self-hosted

Securely hosted and managed by us or hosted by you

Read-only Access

Read-only access. Easy to add or remove


Doesn’t impact the performance of your systems. No code setup

Our customer testimonials

With Protecto, we have tighter control over our data security and privacy. Protecto gives us granular visibility over data protection across our Snowflake Data Cloud.”

- Venkat Gopalan

Chief Data Officer, Belcorp

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