Data protection for a
modern AI world

Unlock and freely use your data for AI and data analytics while safeguarding security and complying with privacy regulations

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Trusted by the world’s fastest growing companies including

Data protection without sacrificing data utility

Achieve Compliance And Mitigate Privacy Risks

Preserve valuable information while meeting data retention regulations

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Embrace Gen AI Without Privacy or Security Risks

Harness the power of Gen AI, ChatGPT, LLMs, and other publicly hosted AI models without compromising on privacy and security

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Share Data Without Sacrificing Compliance

Comply with privacy regulations and data residency requirements while sharing data with global teams and partners

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Ensure The Security Of Your Data In The Cloud

Protect your sensitive and personal data in the cloud. Gain control over your cloud data

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Create High Quality Test Data Without PII Risks

Harness real-world data for testing without compromising on privacy or security

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Achieve Data Retention Compliance with Anonymisation

Simplify compliance efforts and safeguard sensitive data

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Privacy platform built for data teams

Effortless compliance

Protecto reduces compliance effort from months to hours

Risk free AI and analytics

Training and using AI can expose sensitive data and violate privacy laws. Enable complex analysis without exposing PII

Privacy at scale

Built for large volume data. Mask and unmask millions of rows in just minutes

Privacy intelligence for
leading data sources

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Easy to deploy, see results in minutes

Saas or Self hosted

Securely hosted and managed by us, or hosted on your environment


Read-only access to generate intelligence. Simple to integrate APIs for tokenization


Doesn’t impact the performance of your systems

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We take security and privacy seriously.