Discover and prioritize privacy and data security risks in your data stack

Get complete visibility into your data, who has access to it, and how it is used. Eliminate months of effort and reduce millions of $ in risks 

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Our technology saves months of your team’s time, reduces risks, and prevents incidents

Protecto’s Data Posture Intelligence applies privacy engineering and artificial
intelligence to find privacy, security, and governance issues in minutes. The only platform that analyzes data (what), user permissions (who), and activities (how).

“I love privacy, security, and governance tasks,” said no engineer ever!

Enterprise data stacks are too complex. As a result, finding privacy, data security, and governance issues is complex and tedious. Protecto makes privacy assessments, compliance, and data security audits just a click away.

Discovers personal data (PI, PII) and activities. Helps you meet GDPR, CCPA compliance in minutes

Finds overexposed, open, or stale (unused) data in your data lakes. Reduces your exposure and costs

Automatically audits users and role permissions. Find users with excessive privileges

Reduce privacy, compliance, and governance
work from months to hours

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Eliminate complex data protection work

Prebuilt connectors to popular data stores

Go from 0% to 100% visibility in minutes.

Pluggable privacy and data security layer for your data stack

SaaS or Self-hosted

Securely hosted/managed by us or hosted by you

Read-only Access

Read-only access. Easy to add or remove


Doesn’t impact performance of your systems

Our customer testimonials

With Protecto, we have tighter control over our data security and privacy. Protecto gives us granular visibility over data protection across our Snowflake Data Cloud.”

- Venkat Gopalan

Chief Data Officer, Belcorp

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millions of $ risks

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