Celebrating Our Selection for the Wipro AI Accelerator Program!

Celebrating Our Selection for the Wipro AI Accelerator Program!

We are thrilled to announce that Protecto has been selected for the prestigious Wipro AI Accelerator Program! This 6-week intensive program, commencing in the second week of June, is set to be a transformative journey for our startup, providing us with invaluable resources and mentorship to scale our innovative AI-driven solutions.

A Path to Growth and Innovation

Protecto's selection for this program is a testament to our innovative ideas and passion for advancing AI technology. The Wipro AI Accelerator Program will enable us to enhance our capabilities, refine our strategies, and accelerate our growth trajectory. With a dedicated time commitment of 3-4 hours per week, our team is ready to dive into live sessions, workshops, and networking events that will enrich our knowledge and skills.

Commitment to Excellence

Throughout the program, our progress will be closely monitored through various assignments. This hands-on approach will not only strengthen our technical prowess but also equip us to tackle real-world AI challenges effectively. We are excited to engage with a vibrant community of innovators, exchange ideas, and foster valuable connections that will add immense value to our journey.

Looking Ahead

We look forward to leveraging this opportunity to its fullest and achieving significant milestones in our mission to provide cutting-edge AI solutions. Detailed information about the program, participation agreement, and overall agenda will be shared in separate communications. Wipro's commitment to supporting us throughout this journey and beyond is unwavering, and we are eager to collaborate with their team of experts.

Once again, congratulations to the entire Protecto team on this incredible achievement. Let’s shape the future of AI-driven technology together!

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Amar Kanagaraj

Founder and CEO of Protecto

Amar Kanagaraj, Founder and CEO of Protecto, is a visionary leader in privacy, data security, and trust in the emerging AI-centric world, with over 20 years of experience in technology and business leadership.Prior to Protecto, Amar co-founded Filecloud, an enterprise B2B software startup, where he put it on a trajectory to hit $10M in revenue as CMO.

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