Your AI Conversations, Secured

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for leading Language Learning Models (LLMs) including ChatGPT, Bard, and more. Ensure your AI interactions remain private, protected, and compliant.

Ultimate Protection

Protecto applies advanced AI to identify and mask sensitive data within your chats, ensuring no confidential information is revealed or shared on AI chat platforms

Intelligent Masking

Protecto scrutinizes each chat segment in real time to catch and mask PII / sensitive data. Our algorithms ensure data integrity before interactions reach the public chat platforms.

Effortless Integration

Easily link Protecto with your preferred service, be it ChatGPT or Bard, using your login details. Be operational in just a few minutes.

Key Features

No Setup

Users can set up a connection between Protecto and your chosen service, like ChatGPT or Bard, using your user credentials. Get up and running in minutes, not hours

Ease of Use

Access all AI LLM chat services through a single portal, eliminating the need to juggle multiple platforms

Advance Scanning

Applies cutting-edge AI to monitor, and detect sensitive data

Intelligent Masking

Mask PII / sensitive data while ensuring data integrity 


Define what constitutes sensitive data for your business

Detailed Audit Trails

Maintains logs that provide you with a detailed history of data events and potential breaches.

Eliminate Risks in Your AI Conversations Today!  Don't let data breaches stand in the way of leveraging the power of ChatGPT, Bard, or other LLMs.

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