In this article, we cover how users can identify breach risks in their structured data store using Protecto. We will use Snowflake as our structured enterprise data store for the purpose of this discussion.  In case you have not seen other videos, check out this article to learn how to connect Protecto to your Snowflake data store.

Understanding ‘Breach Assessment’ Information

Breach assessment refers to the process of evaluating and analyzing information related to a security breach or data breach incident within a data store.

You can assess probable data breach information of your datastore from the Protecto platform.

To access breach risk information,

  1. Sign in to your Protecto account.
  1. Once you are on the dashboard, on the left-hand panel, navigate to "Breach Assessment”> “Breach Risk".


  1. On the “Breach Risk” page, you can view a quick snapshot of all the data assets that you have, with details such as:
  • Names of data assets
  • Type of sensitive data (Example PII, PI)
  • Tags to describe the type of personal and sensitive information
  • Rows/size (indicates the size of the data)
  • Breach risk (Severe, High, Medium, Low)
  • Financial impact of the data breach
  • Extent of access privileges (Broad, Excess, Good, Not Available)
  • Recommendations  
  • Details (more details on each data asset)

As part of the implementation, Protecto identifies different types of PII data across the data assets and classifies them as tags.  Also, one can view the breach risk associated with each data asset (table).  

For example, the "WALMART_ECOMMERCE" table has categories of PII sensitive data such as email addresses, IP addresses of the person whose accessing, and so on.

Once the user clicks on a particular data asset, they can further drill down to get more specific details on the Data Catalog page. You can view more details on “Privacy” and “Access” associated with the data asset.

In conclusion, identifying breach risks in a structured data store is an important task for any organization committed to safeguarding its sensitive information, maintaining the trust of its stakeholders, and also to take the right steps to ensure data privacy and protection.  

Download Example (1000 Sample Data) for testing

Click here to download csv

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