Prevent Breaches and Privacy Violations

Protecto’s data intelligence platform helps companies prevent breaches, avoid privacy violations, and reduce costs.

Protecto automates complex steps to eliminate privacy and breach incidents

At Protecto, we apply technology to automate the following complex steps to automate privacy for your organization. Discovers personal data: Applies AI/ML to find personal data across your organization Scans controls and activities: Analyzes activity logs and access controls to find who has access and who is using the data Locates issues and gaps: Uses…
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Privacy Engineer Salary – How Much Do Privacy Engineers Earn?

We looked at major hiring platforms to survey the salary range for privacy engineers. We found two types of job categories. These salary numbers are in USD and reflect salaries in the US only as of Dec 2020. Privacy Engineer Role and Responsibilities: Implementation and maintenance of information security systems and processes Third-party security and…
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Big Data Safety Challenges

Big Data, no longer just a buzzword or a promise of exciting things to come, is something that many businesses leverage daily in this modern age.  With the advent of the digital age, high volumes of data are generated daily from the internet, social networks, healthcare applications, sensors, and various other sources. Big Data refers…
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ABC’s of Privacy This Week-May 27,2020

Applause EU invests 49M euros for privacy, cybersecurity upgrades  According to recent reports, the European Commission has announced a 49 million euro commitment to nine projects focused on privacy and cybersecurity solutions for the bloc. The reports suggest that while five projects will relate to privacy and cybersecurity solutions for EU citizens and small- and…
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Top Big Data Security tips

A massive amount of data is being collected every day. Every business that has ever existed online has collected customer data. This data streams from a range of smart devices interconnected as the IoT (Internet of Things). Computer capacities are growing worldwide, so the amount of data is also increasing exponentially; as the number of…
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ABC’s of Privacy This Week-April 29,2020

Applause • EDPB adopts COVID-19 guidance on health data processing and Geo-location According to recent reports, the European Data Protection Board has released guidelines on health data processing for research purposes and using Geo-location and other tracking mechanisms to combat COVID-19.The guidelines address the legal basis for processing, cross-border data transfers, safeguards for data subject…
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Obstacles to Privacy Engineering

What are the Obstacles for Privacy Engineering?

Author: Ethan Heilig    Users ought to have a say in the way their data is used and protected. The GDPR, CCPA, and New York Privacy bill attempts to improve transparency and give consumers a seat at the table. While these laws have good intentions, they do not address the incentives that make rigorous data transparency…
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Steps and tools to protect your personal information

Necessary Steps and Tools to Protect Your Personal Information Online

Author: Ethan Heilig Privacy is vital to the vast majority of individuals. Very few people would prefer less privacy to more, but people continue to grant access to their personal information. In many cases, this occurs because people do not understand the privacy agreement and are unaware of the tools available to help them minimize…
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Google’s Project Nightingale Sparks Privacy Concerns

First Fitbit, now Project Nightingale Two weeks ago, Google had announced the plan to buy Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Citing privacy concerns, many users have already started to look out for alternatives as a safer option than their Fitbit. Now in a recent development, a whistle-blower has brought Google’s Project Nightingale into the limelight. What…
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