Seven reasons why you shouldn't ignore DataGovOps

The role of DataGovOps is to provide enterprises with continuous governance and improved compliance spanning the data lifecycle. Here are six reasons why ignoring the implementation of DataGovOps can be counter-productive to your business goals and efforts.

  1. Bad business decisions – The accuracy and integrity of data can lead to bad business outcomes and hurt users’ well-being. In addition, bad data can jack up business costs and directly impact revenue.
  2. compliance failure and penalties – Inadequate data protection and governance can lead to your organization being penalized – this is especially important in light of several privacy laws aimed at securing personal data.
  3. Loss of reputation– In addition to legal costs, the implications vis-à-vis business reputation can be more extensive than immediate revenue loss and penalties.
  4. Business slowdown – Poor data quality only adds to the complexities of managing an ever-expanding data ecosystem – this can severely impact how information is shared across teams.
  5. More work– Manual governance processes are time-consuming, error-prone, and often inefficient. Poorly planned governance processes can significantly slow down the flow of data and decision-making.
  6. Data remains locked – The volume of data is increasing exponentially – you must address how you manage your data. Failing to do will limit your business’s ability to take advantage of all data that you have at your disposal.
  7. Better Productivity – DataGovOps could save 1000s of hours of data teams that you could have used to drive business value.

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