Building Trust with AI: A Call to Action for Privacy and Security

Building Trust with AI: A Call to Action for Privacy and Security

Companies are releasing exciting new features as part of their AI product roadmaps. However, beneath the allure of innovation lies an undercurrent of concern that cannot be ignored: data privacy and security.

Recently, on LinkedIn, I came across a post from a user expressing strong dissatisfaction with his data, especially his client's confidential data being used to train AI models by Zoom. He voiced his concern over the lack of transparency and the absence of an option to opt out of this data usage. The frustration led him to cancel his Zoom, and he openly encouraged others to do the same, leading to potential churn. This post struck a chord with many, garnering close to 5000 likes and over 1000 reposts. Fortunately, this customer was vocal about his concerns. Yet, it's a sobering reminder that many more customers could be out there, silently dissatisfied and ready to churn without warning. Their voices may be quiet, but their actions could speak volumes, revealing a hidden undercurrent of mistrust and discontent.

The Silent Objection

When it comes to AI, customers may be reluctant to voice their concerns, but the apprehension is often palpable. They may not bring it up in conversation, but a silent objection lingers in their minds. This reluctance could lead to hesitation in adopting new features or, even worse, churning away from a product altogether.

Building Trust: A Non-Negotiable Aspect

Customers must build trust, and companies must earn it. If this trust erodes, the fallout can be severe, leading to lost customers and a damaged reputation. A single data security or privacy mishap can have a ripple effect, spreading doubt and fear among potential users.

That's where solutions like Protecto come into play.

Protecto: Your Partner in Building Trust

Protecto takes minutes to integrate but provides a solid, defensible position when it comes to data security and privacy. By using Protecto, companies can show their commitment to privacy and build trust among their customers as they are looking to adopt AI models.

Effortless Integration

Integrating with Protecto is simple and effortless. But the real beauty of Protecto lies in its ability to keep data safe and protect privacy compliance when using AI. It's not just about implementing a security feature; it's about conveying a clear message to your customers that their data is sacred and safe with you.

Conclusion: Embrace Privacy as a Core Value

The innovation in AI is exhilarating, and the possibilities seem endless. But in our quest for advancement, we must maintain sight of the core values that keep our customers loyal and engaged. Data privacy and security must be at the forefront of our mission.

We need to move past mere compliance and aim for genuine commitment. By integrating robust solutions like Protecto, companies can provide that assurance and strengthen the bonds of trust with their customers.

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Amar Kanagaraj

Founder and CEO of Protecto

Amar Kanagaraj, Founder and CEO of Protecto, is a visionary leader in privacy, data security, and trust in the emerging AI-centric world, with over 20 years of experience in technology and business leadership.Prior to Protecto, Amar co-founded Filecloud, an enterprise B2B software startup, where he put it on a trajectory to hit $10M in revenue as CMO.

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