Cloud Migration: Perfect Opportunity to Identify & Remove Data Risks

Cloud Migration: Perfect Opportunity to Identify & Remove Data Risks

Migrating to the cloud is no longer a novelty; it's necessary for modern businesses seeking agility, scalability, and innovation. While the transition is a vast and complex undertaking, it's also a unique opportunity to tackle data risks head-on.

Why Not Remove Risks When You're Already Moving Data?

Moving data from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud inherently entails a close examination of the data itself. Since you're going through the data anyway, it makes perfect sense to identify and address risks associated with that data.

Finding Data Risks

The first step in this process is identifying what risks are present. Finding risks could involve uncovering sensitive information, personal customer data, or proprietary company details. Recognizing these risks early in the migration process ensures that appropriate measures can be taken to mitigate them.

Minimizing Data and Reducing Threat Surface

By determining what sensitive PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data is essential and only migrating what is absolutely necessary and masking the rest of the sensitive data, you can create a more secure environment. By using intelligent tokenization tools like Protecto, the masked data is entirely usable. By tokenizing, you create a safer environment where data is entirely usable but without risks.

Cloud: A Democratized World with Its Challenges

Cloud computing has brought unprecedented access and capabilities to organizations of all sizes. However, the democratized nature of the cloud can also amplify any breaches or compliance issues. That's why addressing these problems during the migration process is vital.

Protecto: Simplifying Protection

With Protecto, finding and reducing risks doesn't have to be complex or time-consuming. It's as simple as making an API call. Protecto allows businesses to upgrade their data protection as they move the data in just a few minutes.

Getting transparency and reducing data protection risks isn't just about security; it's about streamlining the migration process itself. Concerns over regulations and security often cause delays in cloud migration projects. Protecto can remove those objections, enabling a faster and more efficient transition to the cloud.

Conclusion: Make Your Migration a Safe One

Migrating to the cloud is a golden opportunity to scrutinize your data and address any associated risks. With tools like Protecto, this task is not just feasible; it's also simplified.

You can create a safer environment in the cloud by identifying data risks, minimizing unnecessary data, and leveraging intelligent, automated masking tools. More importantly, you'll be taking proactive steps to ensure that your migration to the cloud is not just a technological shift but a strategic enhancement to your overall data governance and security posture. Make the migration with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your data is safe and sound in its new home.

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Amar Kanagaraj

Founder and CEO of Protecto

Amar Kanagaraj, Founder and CEO of Protecto, is a visionary leader in privacy, data security, and trust in the emerging AI-centric world, with over 20 years of experience in technology and business leadership.Prior to Protecto, Amar co-founded Filecloud, an enterprise B2B software startup, where he put it on a trajectory to hit $10M in revenue as CMO.

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