Common Problems In Handling Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)

Per the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), users (Data Subjects) have the right to access or delete their personal data from companies' databases. We offer tools and services to handle Data Subject Access Requests and automate the steps. We can help you address all of the problems that arise in handling Data Subject Access Requests and save you significant capital. Here are some of the common problems in handling DSARs:

  • Are the data requests legit? Have you checked the identity and validity of the requestor? Most security experts agree that employee errors are the #1 reason for data leaks within the organization. When human agents are involved, they can be pressurized or socially engineered into releasing data. For example, in a recent study, majority of the companies gave personal data to users without proper verification of the GDPR DSAR request. The study also showed that one-third of the companies released the data simply because the requestor pressurized the agent with a deadline.
  • Are you sharing the right data with the right data subjects? When the process involves many manual steps, it opens the way for errors. For example, your DPO office might erroneously upload the wrong file, causing a data leak. Additionally, an internal system might pull and release data that contains the personal data of some other users.
  • Internal data deletions are handled by internal teams; however, were all third parties informed about the deletion? In what format should you send the deletion request to vendors and partners?
  • Are you capturing exceptions and maintaining the right documentation for audits and regulators?
  • How are you measuring performance and making sure you are meeting deadlines? If data subject requests are getting delayed, do you know where the bottleneck is?

Trying to manually handle data requests and address the above problems will cost your company both time and resources and will not be scalable. Unlike many software solution providers, our tools come with technical services that will help you customize and automate workflows to address your individual needs. Set up a call with one of our solution consultants to check if we will be a good fit for your organization.

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