Data Engineering: What Are The Important Certifications?

Data Engineering: What Are The Important Certifications?

One of the best ways of leveraging opportunities within the field of Data engineering is via industry-recognized certifications. Getting yourself certified with top data engineering certifications can help establish your knowledge and skills as per industry standards and vendor-specific benchmarks. In addition, this can help employers actively assess that you are the right person for the job.

Data engineers are typically required to master specific software technologies such as Hadoop and Spark, among other software solutions from the collection of open-source software utilities. They are also necessary to master programming in Python, Scala, and Java.

So if you’re looking to give your data engineering career a boost, then certification is the way.

Unsure about which certification(s) you should undertake? If yes, look at the below-listed data engineering certifications and decide which certification is suitable for your career advancement.

The AWS Certified Data Analytics

Specialty certification effectively establishes expertise and experience in AWS data lakes and analytics services. This certification can help validate your capability in defining AWS data analytics services. It can also help establish your expertise in understanding how AWS data analytics solutions integrate.

Furthermore, the certification can help validate your ability to understand how AWS data analytics services align with the data collection and storage, data processing, and visualization.

Cloudera Data Platform Generalist Certification

The Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Generalist Certification can help in establishing your proficiency with the platform. This certification is designed to test the general knowledge of the platform and effectively applies to data engineers and multiple job roles such as developer, data scientist, data analyst, and system architect.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Associate Big Data Engineer

The DASCA Associate Big Data Engineer certification is vendor-neutral and can help validate your knowledge of big data platforms such as Spark and Hadoop. The certification also establishes your knowledge of proprietary and open-source developer solutions such as HBase, Hive, HiveQL, and Pig.

The certification has three candidacy tracks – each of the tracks is based on the candidate’s education level as well as their work experience.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Big Data Engineer

DASCA’s Senior Big Data Engineer certification builds on the associate credential and is ideal for experienced professionals. The certification features four candidacy tracks – here again, each of the tracks is designed according to the candidate’s education level and work experience.

Google Professional Data Engineer

The Google Professional Data Engineer credential certification can effectively validate your proficiency with designing, building, operationalizing, securing, and monitoring data processing solutions.

Although the certification does not come with specific criteria, according to Google, the certification is best suited for candidates who have more than three years of industry experience. In addition, this certification is ideal for candidates with one or more years of experience in designing and managing solutions that employ the Google Cloud Platform.

SAS Certified Big Data Professional

The SAS Certified, Big Data Professional certification program is ideal for professionals who want to effectively demonstrate their proficiency with using open source and SAS Data Management solutions to prepare big data for statistical analysis.

The certification emphasizes on SAS programming skills of the candidate and includes the following;

· Accessing, transforming, and manipulating data.

· Enhancing data quality for reporting and analytics.

· The fundamentals of statistics and analytics.

· Exploring and visualizing data.

· Working with Hadoop, SAS, Hive, and Pig.

You will be required to take two certification exams – you can only earn the credential upon passing both certification exams.

Certified Big Data Engineer from IBM

Certified Big Data Engineer from IBM is an online course designed with one test and offers a Test Preparation Lab to candidates for the complete preparation facility.

Software areas of core focus in the certification are BigInsights, Hadoop, BigSQL, and Cloudant. It also focuses on related areas such as data governance, BigMatch, BigSheets, the security features of BigInsights, DB2 BLU, Guardium, and Netezza, among others. You will also be required to know LDAP Security, data querying techniques, data monitoring, data variety, PII, scalability, and cluster management, among other similar proficiencies.

Azure Data Engineer Associate from Microsoft

The Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate data certification program requires you to have subject matter expertise in the integration, transformation, and consolidation of data from multiple structured and unstructured data systems. This certification course can help ensure that data pipelines and data stores are efficient, reliable, performance-optimized, and reliable.

You will be required to be proficient with SQL, Python, Scala, among other programming languages. If you are interested in this certification, you can prepare for this online data course either by opting for the free online or paid instructor-led versions.

In Conclusion, Data Engineering is a highly in-demand sector today. So if this is your chosen professional field, you must get yourself certified with some of the top industry-recognized data certifications. The above-listed certifications can serve as a guide to help you assess your options when selecting a certification that is best suited to further your professional goals.

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