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What is the Poland Identity Card?

Every Polish citizen 18 years of age or older residing permanently in Poland is required to have an Identity Card (Dow'd osobisty) issued by the local Office of Civic Affairs.


  • Dow'd osobisty
  • Numer dowodu osobistego
  • Nazwa i numer dowodu osobistego
  • Nazwa i nr dowodu osobistego
  • Nazwa i nr dowodu to?samo?ci
  • Dow'd To?samo?ci
  • dow. os.

Poland Identity Card Pattern and example

PatternAlphabetAlphabetAlphabetNumber NumberNumberNumberNumberNumberAllowedA-ZA-ZA-Z0-90-90-90-90-90-9ExampleDNJ615792

Here are some examples of the Poland Identity Card


Download Sample (Not Real Data) Poland Identity Card for Testing

Download sample (1000) data for testing (csv)

Download Example (1000 Sample Data) for testing

Click here to download csv

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