Data Protection Checklist For Employees Working From Home

COVID-19 has impacted business operations across the globe forcing many companies to work remotely. Working remotely has huge data privacy and security implications. We have created a basic checklist that will help employers to protect their data as employees work from home. This global pandemic could remain a threat for a prolonged period of time. As employees work from home during this period, organizations must take data protection even more seriously.

  • Update hardware inventory - refresh the list of devices used from home
  • Communicate your organization's work-from home policies and procedures
  • Review response protocol in case of data breach due to remote work
  • Mandate two-factor authentication for all employees
  • Determine if any personal data will flow across borders as a result of remote work
  • Run mandatory online training to discuss privacy and security risk scenarios at home
  • Request employees to update the software on their home routers and personal devices

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Download Example (1000 Sample Data) for testing

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