Protecto Uses Quantum Computing for True Random Tokenization

Protecto Uses Quantum Computing for True Random Tokenization

We are thrilled to announce that Protecto will be integrating the power of quantum computing to generate true random numbers for its Tokenization. This strategic move isn't just an upgrade; it represents a quantum leap (pun intended!) in how we deliver data security and privacy.

Importance of True Randomness for Security

True randomness is crucial for security, especially in tokenization processes. Tokenization involves replacing sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or personally identifiable information, with non-sensitive placeholders or "tokens." To ensure that these tokens cannot be predicted or reverse-engineered to reveal the original data, they must be generated using truly random processes. If an attacker can predict the pattern or sequence of token generation due to the lack of true randomness, the underlying sensitive data becomes vulnerable to exposure. Hence, by ensuring genuine randomness in the tokenization process, the security and integrity of sensitive data are maintained.

Why Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing operates in a realm far removed from classical computing. Instead of bits, which are either a 0 or a 1, quantum computers use qubits. These qubits can exist in a state that is a superposition of both 0 and 1 simultaneously.

When measured, a qubit "chooses" either a 0 or 1 based on probabilistic rules, making it a natural generator of true randomness. This inherent property of quantum mechanics allows Protecto to derive a wide variety of true random numbers with unparalleled unpredictability.

Advantages of True Random Using Quantum Computing 


At its core, unpredictability means no pattern exists, making it impossible for outsiders or malicious actors to predict the next sequence or value. In cryptographic systems, predictability can be a significant flaw. If an attacker can predict the sequence of numbers or the methodology behind them, they can potentially decipher encrypted data, breach systems, or compromise security protocols. Quantum mechanics elevates the concept of unpredictability to a whole new level. When a qubit in a superposition is measured, it collapses to either a 0 or 1. This behavior isn't just random; it's inherently unpredictable because of the very laws of quantum physics.

No Algorithmic Weaknesses:

Pseudo-random number generators can sometimes have flaws or biases in their algorithms that can be exploited. True random numbers don't suffer from this vulnerability. As a result, numbers generated through quantum processes don't have an algorithm and are deeply unpredictable, giving them a significant edge in security applications.

Speed and Efficiency:

Generating true random numbers using quantum computing can often be quicker than running a complex pseudo-random algorithm, especially for large amounts of data.

Future-Proofing Security:

With the rise of quantum computers, many traditional encryption methods are at risk of becoming obsolete. Quantum-generated true random numbers keep us one step ahead in the security game.

(Here is a detailed discussion on Tokenization using True Random vs. Encryption).

A New Era of Data Security

This move underscores Protecto's commitment to offering the industry's most cutting-edge security solutions. As more businesses navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, true random number generation through quantum computing offers an assurance of superior privacy and data security.

Our customers have the option to harness the power of quantum computing for true random number generation. Dive into a new dimension of data security with Protecto.

Join us in ushering in a new era where security is not just a promise but a quantum-certified guarantee.

Download Example (1000 Synthetic Data) for testing

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Founder and CEO of Protecto

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