Unlocking AI's Full Potential: An Independent Trust Layer is Key

Unlocking AI's Full Potential: An Independent Trust Layer is Key

In the world of AI, companies need help with keeping data safe and private. Growing AI use cases are forcing companies to invest in AI data trust tools to handle these issues. These tools help fight off new threats, adjust to new privacy rules, and protect enterprise data. When companies invest time and resources into these tools, they build trust with customers and partners.

Why should the AI Trust layer be standalone?

Many applications today are beginning to include built-in AI trust features. However, there are significant advantages to maintaining an independent trust layer. The true power of AI lies in its ability to gather and analyze various types of data. We may inadvertently curb this unique capability by relying on application-specific data protection measures for AI. An independent AI trust layer comes into play here. Free from the constraints of any particular application, it safeguards AI’s ability to analyze diverse data sets and ensures a consistent approach to data protection. Here’s why standalone AI data trust tools are crucial:

Data Interoperability

Independent AI data trust solutions allow different types of data from various applications to be merged and analyzed together. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of data patterns and trends across the organization. In contrast, application-specific trust layers can limit this ability as they might not be equipped to handle and interpret data from other applications, causing potential gaps in data analysis and insights. The independent layer bridges these gaps, promoting seamless data interoperability and facilitating robust data-driven decision-making.

Consistent Filters

Standalone AI data trust tools keep data clean and safe. Application-specific layers could have varying filter standards, potentially leading to data integrity issues. The independent layer, however, lessens the risk of data leaks and unauthorized access.

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Uniform Rules

With application-specific layers, rules might vary across systems, leading to confusion and potential lapses. Using standalone AI data trust tools lets companies apply the same data protection and privacy rules everywhere, improving transparency, responsibility, and compliance.

Flexibility and Growth

Application-specific layers could limit companies’ ability to adapt to new technologies or scale as they grow. Having AI data trust tools as a separate layer allows companies to work with various applications and systems, allowing for growth without disruption.

Vendor Freedom

With application-specific layers, companies might be bound to a particular vendor’s technology, which can restrict their options. However, with standalone AI data trust tools, such as Protecto, companies are open to more than one vendor’s solution. As AI continues to grow, they maintain the freedom to select the solution that best fits their needs. This independence fosters both innovation and healthy competition.

Central Monitoring

Application-specific layers complicate monitoring efforts, requiring different interfaces or protocols. But with standalone layers, companies can keep an eye on data, usage, and potential risks all in one place, improving control and incident response.

In closing, the need for a strong, independent AI data trust layer becomes critical as your business leans more into AI. Protecto's AI Trust Layer offers a way to handle the new challenges in data safety and privacy that come with AI. Protecto can play a key role in your AI journey with its suite of capabilities. As you explore the potential of AI for your business, we encourage you to explore how Protecto can provide the necessary trust and security framework for your data.

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Amar Kanagaraj

Founder and CEO of Protecto

Amar Kanagaraj, Founder and CEO of Protecto, is a visionary leader in privacy, data security, and trust in the emerging AI-centric world, with over 20 years of experience in technology and business leadership.Prior to Protecto, Amar co-founded Filecloud, an enterprise B2B software startup, where he put it on a trajectory to hit $10M in revenue as CMO.

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