ABC's of Privacy This Week - 23rd Oct 2019

ABC's of Privacy This Week - 23rd Oct 2019

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Ireland tops the list for privacy protection

In a study conducted by Comparitech, Ireland has been placed at the top and China at the bottom out of 47 countries ranked for privacy protection. The study took into account several categories, ranging from the use of biometrics and CCTV to data-sharing.

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Indian High court acts in favour of privacy rights

The Bombay High Court quashed three orders passed by Union Home Ministry to intercept phone calls of a businessman on suspicion of the bribery case, saying it violates the Right to Privacy as held by the Supreme Court. It has also clearly stated that Right to Privacy includes telephonic conversations too.

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Mozilla Firefox builds a tool to monitor trackers

Mozilla is rolling out a new feature to its Firefox browser which provides you with a personalized dashboard, which tells you how often Firefox blocked third-party cookies, social media trackers and fingerprinting tools. It claims to have blocked more than 450 billion third-party tracking requests from the thousands of companies that try to track you as you browse the web.

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More than 1 lakh patients affected by Health care data breach

An internal probe has found an email data breach, which may have exposed the personal and private healthcare information of nearly 130,000 of Kalispell Regional Healthcare patients. Multiple employees have provided their email credentials to unauthorized malicious criminals by way of a phishing scam.

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Open Database leaks data of the US government and its customers 

Researchers have found that AutoClerk, a reservation management system used by resorts to manage web bookings, has been exposing records containing the sensitive data of hotel customers as well as US military personnel and officials. They were able to view records related to the travel arrangements of government and military personnel.

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Ryuk Ransomware attacks hit Canadian organizations

A recent survey of Canadian organizations found that almost 88% of organizations have experienced a data breach over the last 12 months. Cybersecurity researchers believe that attacks were caused by a malicious software Ryuk, which was likely developed in Russia.

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Current News

Hayes Connor Issues '100 Million Data Breach Claim Against Equifax

In a landmark move, Hayes Connor issues Equifax '100 Million in compensation to its estimated 15 million UK customers affected by its 2017 data breach in the UK high court. Equifax suffered significant financial losses following the data breach which was announced on March 2017.

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Wait for POPIA privacy laws continues in South Africa

Due to delay in strict enforcement of privacy laws, cybercrimes are costing South Africans billions of rand every year. South Africa has statutory protection and a regulatory body tasked with enforcing privacy rights; however, neither is fully operational.

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Philippines bans online lenders for public shaming

The National Privacy Commission of Manila has imposed a ban on 26 online money lenders, who resort to public shaming of borrowers. The operators were directed to stop all the activities which entail the processing of personal data. A complete ban has also been imposed on activities which are outsourced to third parties and which involve the use of information from the phone-book.

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