ABC's of Privacy This Week - 30th Oct 2019

ABC's of Privacy This Week - 30th Oct 2019

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Mastercard Launches Data Responsibility Imperative Programme

The Imperative Programme initiative mainly focuses on how companies handle personal data of its customers. Mastercard is proposing six data responsibilities that will help companies deliver sustainable data programs. These programs are designed to face the latest privacy challenges and make the digital economy work for everyone. Mastercard is already committed to these principles, making sure personal data is leveraged only in ways that are ethical, compliant within the regulatory environment and enhance the consumer experience.

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California Tops the List for Privacy Protection

In a study conducted by Comparitech for privacy protection for the year 2018, California has been placed at the top and Pennsylvania at the bottom. California was awarded the highest score as it legislated laws such as California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in 2018. CCPA empowers consumers with the right to know what information has any company collected about them. Consumers can also demand a company to delete their data.

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Privacy-focused Social Media Service MeWe Gains New Investors

MeWe is the first social network that guarantees its users total control of their data, news feeds and privacy. MeWe runs no advertising and says it does not manipulate users' news feeds in any way. Dany Gracia, CEO of Seven Bucks Productions, has invested an undisclosed amount in this startup, which positions itself as a social network rival to Facebook.

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Data Privacy Platform VGS Raises $35 Million

Very Good Security, a data privacy platform that helps healthcare and financial service providers to protect their customer data has raised $35 million in Series B funding. Using VGS, companies can leverage the value of data without having access to the data itself.

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More Than 17k Patients Affected by National Neurology Registry Data Breach

The health ministry of Malaysia has started investigations into the leak of personal data on the website of the government-linked National Neurology Registry. People were able to access identity card numbers, phone numbers, addresses and other data of more than 17,000 patients. 

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Adobe Exposes 7.5 Million User Records

More than 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users' basic details were exposed on the internet. The exposed details primarily included information about customer accounts and email addresses of the users.

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Current News

More Than 3k Australians Registered Privacy-related Complaints in 2018

A recent survey on Australian organizations found that the number of privacy-related complaints made by Australians to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) increased by 12% in 2018-19. The most common issues raised with the OAIC were about the usage and disclosure, security, access, collection, and the quality of personal information.

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AI Tech to Help Determine 'employability'

An artificial intelligence hiring system is reshaping how companies assess their workforce. The recruiting-technology firm HireVue uses candidates' computer or cell phone cameras to analyze their facial movements, word choice and speaking voice before ranking them against other applicants based on an automatically generated 'employability' score.

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Thailand to Follow Data Retention Laws

In the latest move, the Thailand government' has stepped up its efforts to monitor internet usage. The Thai government' has ordered all restaurants and cafes that provide Wi-Fi to start storing customer data for at least 90 days. The data will be used for investigations related to national and economic security.

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Ireland Releases Cloud Service Providers Guidance

The Irish Data Protection Commission has released guidance for organizations that use cloud service providers. DPC's guidance covers the definition and security considerations around cloud computing. According to the guidance, a data controller must remain in control of the personal data to ensure security and also need to be transparent on how they process the personal data.

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