ABC's of Privacy This Week - Jan 02, 2020

ABC's of Privacy This Week - Jan 02, 2020

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California's Consumer Privacy Act Goes Into Effect on Jan 1

California's much-debated privacy law officially took effect on Jan 1st, 2020, a year and a half after it was passed and signed. A six-month grace period follows today's official activation of the CCPA. The new law requires that businesses disclose their data gathering and sharing practices and allows consumers to opt-out of it and to demand that companies delete collected information on them.

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Wyze Labs Expose Information of 2.4M Customers

Wyze, a company which manufactures budget home-security cameras, said that the information of 2.4 million of their customers had been exposed to the public. The breach occurred after an employee created a flexible database to quickly pull user analytics, such as camera connectivity rates, user growth, and the number of devices connected. Wyze immediately began to audit its security protocols and found a second breach.

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Moss Adams Reports Data Breach

Moss Adams, a Seattle-based Top 20 Firm, issued a notice of a data security incident that it detected in October, exposing the names and Social Security numbers of some of its clients. The firm said it detected unusual activity, and the information contained within the impacted email accounts included names and Social Security numbers. 

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Current News

Mozilla Plans to Comply With Californian Privacy Rules Worldwide

Mozilla has announced that it plans to abide by the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on a worldwide scale. Mozilla, in a recent announcement, said it already collects very little data about its users and plans to give users the ability to delete their telemetry data from Mozilla's servers.

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Brazil Government Issues 1.65M Fine to Facebook

In a recent event, Brazil has fined Facebook $1.65million for mismanagement of user data that led to improper sharing of users' data with Cambridge Analytica. The data was harvested for political campaigns and voter profiling. The data provided by Facebook was used to develop a computer program designed to predict the decision of voters and exert influence, said the Department of Consumer Protection (DPDC) in Brazil.

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Privacy Fears as Police Use Facial Recognition to Identify Protesters

Police in the Indian capital of New Delhi used facial recognition software to screen crowds at a recent political rally raising concerns about privacy and mass surveillance amid nationwide protests against a new citizenship law. Pictures of police holding video cameras at some protests have sparked concerns that images of protesters are being added to the facial recognition database.

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