ABC's of Privacy This Week- Jan 08, 2020

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Facebook Unveils Privacy Tool Update

Tech giants are using this year's CESconference in Las Vegas to promote protecting user privacy. Chief among them isFacebook, which had overhauled its Privacy Checkup tool. Users can accessPrivacy Checkup by clicking the question mark icon on Facebook's desktop siteand selecting Privacy Checkup.

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Video Subscribers' Data Exposed Online

Video software provider Synamedia stated thatvideo piracy of two unnamed video service providers has resulted in thecompromise of three million viewers' credentials. The company said of thoseviewers, data from 6,000 accounts were available for purchase in 15 differentmarketplaces on the open and dark web.

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US Restaurant Landry's Affected by Malware

USmulti-brand dining and hospitality business Landry's, which operatesrestaurants have been affected by a breach. The restaurant business said thatthe company's point-of-sale (POS) computers had been infected with malware.Landry's has assured that it has now removed the malware and has implementedenhanced security measures. 

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Health Information of 13k Patients Exposed in Data Breach

Thepersonal information of 13k people at Sinai Health System may have beencompromised during a recent data breach involving two employee email accounts,the hospital system recently reported to the federal government. The hospitalsystem has mailed letters to patients who may have been affected, with stepsthey can take to protect their information.

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Current News

Startups Chase $55 Billion Boom Fueled by CCPA

A wave of startups, law firms, and consultants arelooking to take advantage of the latest privacy CCPA law and trying to capturesome of the $55 billion that companies are expected to spend on initialcompliance with the law. Companies are pitching sophisticated machine learningtools designed to minimize the risk of exposing customers' private informationand tools to handle the data subject requests received from the customers.

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Blueconic Raises $13M Series B to Further Expand Its Global Footprint

BlueConic, the world's leading pure-play customerdata platform (CDP), announced it had closed a $13M Series B funding round ledby new investor Spring Lake Equity Partners. In 2019, BlueConic enhanced itsend-to-end consent management capabilities to support worldwide consumer privacyregulations and released AI Workbench, which amplifies predictive modelingcapabilities in the platform for both marketing and data science users.

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Casinos Implement Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology has beenspreading across casinos, airports, and stores to identify problem gamblers orany criminal behavior. It helps casino staff to identify problem gamblers andblock their access to the gaming floors. However, many people are concernedwith another aspect of facial recognition ' the invasion of privacy.

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Data Privacy Platform Raises $5.4M to Offer Enhanced Data Protection

Osano, a company building the first platform for data privacy transparency, has announced it has closed a Series A funding round of $5.4M. Osano is experiencing unusually rapid growth, making it an immediate leader in a data-privacy category starved for solutions.

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