ABC's of Privacy This Week - Jan 22, 2020

ABC's of Privacy This Week - Jan 22, 2020

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Twitter Centralizes Its Data Protection Efforts

In action to the GDPR, Twitter launched anew resource that aims to serve as the central place for everything related tothe company/s efforts around privacy and data protection. This centralizationsays that it would be easier to find all the information about Twitter's workin this area. It also has dedicated pages for GDPR and CCPA, and further, itsplits information between what's aimed at users and what's for partners.

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Data Exposed in P&N Bank Breach

Western Australia's largest member-owned bank,P&N Bank, has notified its customers of a data breach that exposed personalinformation from its customer relationship management system. Informationcontained in the CRM includes customer names and ages, residential addresses,email addresses, phone numbers, customer numbers, account numbers, and accountbalances. Other sensitive information, such as credit card details, passportnumbers, and social security numbers, were not exposed.

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Newfoundland and Labrador City's Website Data Exposed Online

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Newfoundland and Labrador is investigating a data breach of a city's website. The city of Corner Brook found four unauthorized users accessed its website's directory. The information of 10,000 people may have been exposed in the breach. The office will additionally investigate whether there was malice involved in unauthorized data access.

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UK Gov Database Leak Exposes 28 Million Children

The UK government is facing urgent questions after it was informed that betting companies were given access to a Department for Education (DfE) database containing personal information on 28 million children. Although the data used by the betting firms appear to have been limited, given it covers a vast number of children, the incident could well lead to a significant GDPR investigation by the ICO.

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Current News

Italian DPA Issues 11.5M Euro GDPR Fine

Italian data protection authority, the Garante, hasannounced an 11.5 million euro fine against gas and electric company Eni Gas eLuce for violations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The finerelates to EGL's data processing for telemarketing activities and theactivation of unsolicited contracts.

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Major Canadian Political Parties Under Lens for Handling Personal Data

Canada's competition watchdog is looking into acomplaint about the data-harvesting practices of the main federal politicalparties. Information about prospective voters is helpful to political partiesfor door-to-door canvassing and understanding the sentiment of the voters. Aninternal analysis by the privacy commissioner also found that the majorpolitical parties failed to ensure people gave valid consent to the collectionand use of their personal information.

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Getting Approved by AI is a New Obstacle in Landing a Job

Career counselors are now working to findout which companies use AI for job interviews. Interview videos are pored overby algorithms analyzing details such as words and grammar, facial expressions,and the tonality of the job applicant's voice, trying to determine what kindsof attributes a person may have. Based on this analysis, the algorithms willconclude whether the candidate is tenacious, resilient, or good at working on ateam, for instance.

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