ABC's of Privacy This Week - Jan 29, 2020

ABC's of Privacy This Week - Jan 29, 2020

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NY Bans The Use Of Facial Recognition

State Senator Brad Hoylman, member of Senate Judiciary Committee, will introduce new legislation to prohibit law enforcement from using facial recognition and other biometric surveillance technologies. These technologies pose a serious threat to the privacy and civil liberties of all New Yorkers. This legislation would prohibit any police agency, or member of the state police from acquiring, possessing, accessing, installing, activating, or using any biometric surveillance which helps with their duties.

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UK Medical Products Manufacturer Shuts Plant Following Breach

A British company that specializes in making skin, bone, and organ grafts have temporarily closed its manufacturing plant in America following a cybersecurity breach. The cybersecurity incident is not believed to have affected any of Tissue Regenix's operations in the UK and is not thought to have impacted the company's financial systems. No details were given regarding how the incident occurred or when the company became aware that it had been compromised.

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Adult Site Exposed Thousands of Models' Details

SextPanther, an Arizona-based adult site, has exposed thousands of photo IDs belonging to models and sex workers who earn commissions from the site. Most of the exposed identity documents contain personal information, such as names, home addresses, dates of birth, passports, driver's licenses, and Social Security numbers.

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Current News

Greek DPA Issues 150k Euro GDPR Fine

The Hellenic Data Protection Authority fined Aegean Marine Petroleum Network 150,000 euros for alleged violations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Aegean failed to notify the data subjects of any processing of personal information within their servers. The DPA also found that Aegean did not take the proper technical measures to ensure data processing was done securely.

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Experts Suggest Structural Framework for Data Privacy in India

Experts suggest the need for a proper structural framework in the Indian Data Protection Bill 2019, which aims to help consumers exercise their privacy rights. They also feel the lack of clarity on data classification as the bill categorizes data as Personal Data, Sensitive Personal Data, and Critical Personal data. Several legal experts also feel the provision will give the government unaccounted access to personal data of users in the country.

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Persona Raises $17.5m for an Identify Verification Platform

A startup called Persona, which has built a platform to make it easier for organizations to implement real-time evaluation, and AI to verify users, has raised $17.5 million in Series A funding. The company plans to use this fund to invest in its core product.

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Tinder's Panic Button Shares User Data

Using Tinder's new Panic button feature, users will be able to share the details of their date--and their given location. Tinder users will need to download the separate, free Noonlight app to enable these safety features within Tinder's app. Unsurprisingly ,Noonlight app shares user data with ad-tech companies.

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