Instant Access, Zero Hassle: Our New Self-Service Trial Experience

Instant Access, Zero Hassle: Our New Self-Service Trial Experience

We're thrilled to announce that we have delivered a self-service experience to help you test the capabilities of Protecto's data protection platform. Say goodbye to registration forms, setup, or infrastructure costs, and get a jumpstart on your data protection initiatives leveraging our platform's powerful capabilities. Here are a few things to note about our new trial experience:

Instant Access with Familiar Logins 

Simply use your existing Microsoft or Google login credentials to access our platform. No need to remember another username or password.

Jump Right In – Zero Waiting Time!

After you log in, there's no tedious setup or configuration. In just a few seconds, you'll be navigating powerful features such as masking, unmasking, data discovery, and risk analysis that our platform offers.

Launch Trial Directly From a Web Browser, No Downloads Needed

Perhaps this is the most exciting part: you don't need to install a single piece of software. Our trial is now entirely browser-based, letting you test and explore its features right from the comfort of your favorite web browser. What's more, you can now try our mask and unmask APIs directly from the browser. No setup, installation, or deployment is necessary. Feel free to test with your data and play around to see how it fits your needs.

Completely Free Trial – No Strings Attached

Yes, you read that right. Dive into the platform, explore, and test to your heart's content for free. We believe in transparency and value, and we're offering this trial to you with absolutely no hidden costs.

Love What You See? Let's Discuss Your Specific Use Cases

Our basic features are packed with utility, but if you find yourself craving for any of our advanced features then simply reach out to us from the browser. If you need further customization, then contact our support team and we will guide you to make the most of your experience.

We always appreciate your feedback since your use cases are invaluable to deepening the strength of our offering. This self-service trial initiative stems from our desire to give you the best possible introduction to our platform with minimal barriers. We're confident you'll love the freedom and simplicity of our new approach.

So, why wait? Log in now with your Microsoft or Google account and dive into the future of seamless, browser-based experiences!

Download Example (1000 Synthetic Data) for testing

Click here to download csv

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Amar Kanagaraj

Founder and CEO of Protecto

Amar Kanagaraj, Founder and CEO of Protecto, is a visionary leader in privacy, data security, and trust in the emerging AI-centric world, with over 20 years of experience in technology and business leadership.Prior to Protecto, Amar co-founded Filecloud, an enterprise B2B software startup, where he put it on a trajectory to hit $10M in revenue as CMO.

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