Protecto Boosts Privacy Protection by 10x with NVIDIA's GPU Technology

Protecto Boosts Privacy Protection by 10x with NVIDIA's GPU Technology

San Francisco, CA - Protecto, a leading provider of privacy intelligence solutions, today announced it has been able to boost the performance of its privacy models on NVIDIA GPUs, allowing the discovery of privacy issues up to 10x faster than before.  

With the help of powerful NVIDIA GPU technology, Protecto has delivered robust privacy solutions that help protect organizations from data breaches and other privacy-related risks. Protecto's collaboration with NVIDIA has significantly improved the speed and accuracy of privacy analysis.

"Our collaboration with NVIDIA has been a game-changer for us," said Protecto CEO Amar Kanagaraj. "NVIDIA GPU technology has allowed us to analyze massive amounts of data at unprecedented speed, uncovering potential privacy and data protection violations much earlier. The performance boost has enabled us to identify, mask, and unmask vast amounts of personal data at scale, providing our customers with the ultimate level of protection and performance they require in today's data-driven world.”

With the use of NVIDIA GPUs, Protecto has been able to provide its clients with advanced privacy solutions that are highly accurate, reliable, and efficient. These solutions help organizations to identify potential privacy violations, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

"Protecto using the NVIDIA GPUs has been instrumental in identifying previously unknown PII data in our systems," says Jagannath Gorti, Nokia's Head of IT Commercial Engineering. "This discovery empowers us to take action, bolster customer confidence, and make significant strides towards achieving full compliance."

Protecto's collaboration with NVIDIA is a testament to the power of innovation in the technology industry. Protecto is committed to creating a more secure and private digital world for all.

About Protecto:

Protecto is a privacy engineering company that helps businesses discover personal and sensitive data, tokenize it, and continuously monitor for risks. It provides actionable insights into privacy risks, which can be used to eliminate millions in overall privacy-related overhead costs and to reduce privacy compliance efforts from months to days. Protecto's tokenization technology secures customer data while maintaining its usability, reducing risks, and ensuring compliance.

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