Protecto Is Part of the Nvidia Inception Program

We are very excited to announce that Protecto has been accepted to the NVIDIA Inception program - an accelerator program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Our vision at Protecto is to enable businesses to move to a privacy-first world. Moving to a privacy-first world requires a massive effort that requires a convergence of many technologies, including artificial intelligence. Organizations have piled data over the years. Unfortunately, the enterprise data environment is so messy that organizations don't know where their problems are. Protecto brings AI and privacy engineering to parse the complexity and locate the top 1% of the data and activities that could cause severe data privacy and security problems.

NVIDIA's Inception program offers startups a wide variety of benefits, including access to SDKs, courses, and early access to developmental hardware. Protecto hopes to leverage NVIDIA's broad resources to reinforce our machine learning techniques and leverage NVIDIA's hardware to improve our efficiency and speed.

Download Example (1000 Sample Data) for testing

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