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Let's Engineer privacy and data governance
into every data stack

Our Purpose

We are on the mission to unlock the world’s data by making privacy and data governance rock solid and effortless  


Bringing Engineering to Data Privacy & Security

As privacy engineers, we are interested in finding practical solutions more than academic research. We are inventing ways to solve data privacy and protection at scale.

For us, engineering is a mindset. The engineering mindset doesn’t require a formal engineering degree or training. We define engineering mindset: Do you have the courage to tackle challenging problems? Are you excited about solving a problem elegantly and practically?

Many find challenging problems daunting, but we get excited at the adventure. At Protecto, we are tackling one of the transformational problems. Innovations in car safety, such as seatbelts, have enabled us to go fast. Likewise, solving data privacy would accelerate data-driven innovation by 100x.

Amar Kanagaraj

Founder & CEO

Leadership Team

Amar Kanagaraj

Founder & CEO

Amar is a second-time entrepreneur. As the CMO, he scaled his previous startup to $7M ARR. He started his career as a developer at Sun Microsystems and then led product management for Microsoft Search & AI. He has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and MS in Computer Science from LSU.

Baskaran Alagarsamy


Baskaran working 20 years at Apple, has designed and developed applications across all parts of the data stack. He has developed privacy engineering for some of the complex and massive petabyte-scale data systems.

Evan Forsberg

Sales Advisor

Evan has successfully built sales teams from the ground up for multiple startups. Scaled revenue at Microdesk to $100M ARR. 15+ years in enterprise sales – selling technology products.

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